In focus · Advanced Solar Cell Technology
The Laboratory is dedicated to tackling China's critical requirements by resolving significant scientific challenges in advanced solar cell technology. Positioned at the forefront of technological research and emphasizing three primary objectives, the Laboratory is steadfast in its endeavor to evolve into a center of photovoltaic technological innovation.
Area I: Efficient photovoltaic conversion mechanisms and industrialization of crystalline silicon solar cells
The Laboratory conducts research on efficient crystalline silicon single-junction solar cells, encompassing heterojunction and all-back contact cell structures. Furthermore, it investigates cost-effective solutions and addresses technical challenges related to industrialization.
Area II: State-of-the-art technologies for the practical implementation of cost-effective perovskite cells
The Laboratory focuses on three technology types: large-area perovskite single-junction cells, perovskite/crystalline silicon stacked cells, and perovskite/perovskite stacked cells. Its objective is to research methods for enhancing device efficiency and stability.
Area III: Critical technologies and applications in the industrialization of highly efficient III-V multi-junction cells
The Laboratory conducts research on III-V materials and their integration with crystalline silicon, focusing on the design of III-V light-absorbing materials with varying bandgaps, thin film epitaxy preparation, interface optimization, and electrode design.